Friday, September 2, 2011


1. 250 grams of rice fluffier, wash
2. 100 g white glutinous rice, washed
3. 2 pieces of chicken-flavored bouillon cube powder, ready, knead
4. 400 ml of water
5. 1 / 2 teaspoon salt

1. 5 pieces of bacon, cut into 2 cm thick
    (can be replaced with corned beef, shredded, chicken, etc.) 
2. 1 sheet nori or rather lau grass is dry, cut the size of 1 / 2 x 6 cm
    scrambled eggs, thinly sliced
3. black sesame seeds, toasted

How to make:
1. Combine rice, white rice, and bouillon cubes until blended.
    Add water, cook over medium heat so the water runs out .Lift.

2. Steamed rice in a hot steamer for 30 minutes until cooked, remove from heat.
    For the rice into 2 parts, one part of the remaining 600g 150g.
3. Wet hands
4. Sprinkle the salt into the hands
5. Spread rice, given the space for a side dish, enter content / side dish to taste
6. Fists and formed
7. Nori paste