Saturday, September 3, 2011


 1. Sushi Nishiki brand rice  
 2. Special sushi vinegar  
 3. Kikkoman brand soy sauce 
 4. Sushinori / roasted seaweed
 5. Washabi>> paste / powder 
 6. Pickled ginger>> pickled ginger 
 7. Mat to roll sushi roll 
 8. Salt and sugar to taste


 1. Raw Salmon 
 2. Fish mackarel (dasui Shimei saba) 
 3. Crab stick  
 4. Tamago (egg omelet)  
 5. Japanese Cucumber 
 6. Sakura denbu (sweetened pink fishflake / seasoned ground Codfish)

How to make:

1. Cook rice 1 1 / 2 cup (just follow his instruction on the bag of rice), in a rice cooker
until cooked, when it's cooked in a wide place in the container who let the rice fast
cool, stirring to prevent sticking  

2. Stir in small cups: 5 tablespoons vinegar, 4 tablespoons granulated sugar, salt 1 / 2 tsp  
3. Dicangkir Pour contents into the rice, stir, let stand until cool ..  
4. Prepare placemat mat, grab a sheet of seaweed, put the rough above (for
part in sushi) 

5. Take enough rice on seaweed, the seaweed blend until as wide, if
already flat rice stacking its contents, depending on who want to taste everything in insert 

6. Roll once bersama2 with mats, but the index finger after finish the rice and the contents
to enter into the seaweed 

7. Continue to roll in seaweed, but the mat only to pressure if the entire
Seaweed has been established as rice cake rolls, created as a new mat
rollers to press the roll sushi  

8. Cut the ends so neatly 

Presentation: Put in plate, and eaten with Kikkoman soy sauce, and if you like spread with wasabi and can also be eaten with pickled ginger.